PAUNS Presidents 1975 to date

PAUNS was chaired by elite Arab neurology professors who gave their best efforts to maintain its functions across the years .. find more about them ..             


Prof. Ahmed El-Banhawi (Egypt)

"The late Professor Ahmed El-Banhawy was one of the earliest members of the Egyptian Society of Neurological Surgeons and a Foundation Fellow of the Pan African Association of Neurological Sciences (PAANS). He had his neurosurgical training in Oxford, England, Continental Europe and the Montreal Neurological Institute in Canada. By the time he finished, modern neurological surgery had been set up in three Egyptian centres staffed by all - Egyptian neurosurgeons, namely Osman Sorour of Cairo University; Samuel Boctor in Alexandria University and Ibrahim Higazi in Ain Shams University in Cairo. El-Banhawy later succeeded Higazi as the Head of Neurosurgery at Ain Shams University where he later served as Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. He lived at No 10 El-Misaha, Dokki-Giza in Cairo where he treated many of us to simple dinners during our visits to Egypt in the 70’s under the anspices of either PAANS or the International College of Surgeons. An affable gentleman and raconteur, it was always a delight visiting Ahmed and his pleasant family. One of his illustrious trainees in neurosurgery in Egypt was Hussain Abusalih of Sudan. Both of them were present at the 1972 Symposium on Brain tumours held in Nairobi, Kenya at the end of which the Pan African Association Neurological Sciences was formed. El-Banhawy and Abusalih presented a joint paper on “Meningiomas in the Sudan”(2). Abusalih later went into partisan politics in his native Sudan in which he made outstanding success." .. These wards were written by ADELOYE Adelola in the African Journal of Neurological Sciences (AJNS 2003 Vol. 22, No 1 Letter) .. click here for full article

Prof. Ashraf Al-Kordi (Jordan)
Prof. Ashraf Al-Kurdi was born in 1937 in Amman, Jordan. He finished high school in Baghdad. In 1961, he graduated from the Medical Faculty of Baghdad University. He then worked in a hospital in Saudi Arabia where at that time his dad was ambassador. Later on he earned his Ph.D. in the United Kingdom, worked for the Royal Medical Services from 1965, specialized in neuropathology in London University from 1970-73, taught in Harvard University in 1975 and then at the University of Jordan from 1982-92. It is in 1993 that King Hussein appointed him, following his outstanding achievements, as a member of the Jordanian Senate. During 1997-98, Dr. Ashraf held the post of Jordanian Minister of Health. Prof. Ashraf died April 6, 2012 at age 79.

Prof. Emad Fadli (Egypt)

People who worked with Prof. Emad Fadli will always remember him as a mark in Arab Neurology. Though of his numerous positions during his life, he has been a modest and a courteous  person. More importantly, those who have worked with him  have been affected and became mostly like him .. and maybe that was the real achievement in the life of a man like Emad Fadli. He died September 2003.



Prof. Salih Aldeeb (Saudi Arabia)



Prof. Anwar El-Etribi (Egypt)




Prof. Sahir Hashim (Egypt)


Saher Hashem is a professor of Neurology at Faculty of Medicine- El Kasr El Einy, PhD Neurology el Kasr el Einy, Fellowship of Neurology University of Bowman Gray USA, Fellow of American Association of Neurology, ex. Chairman of Arab Union for Neurology, ex. Head of Neurology Department Cairo University




Prof. Riadh Gouider (Tunis)




Prof. Hussain Malibari (Saudi Arabia)




Prof. Ahmed Khalifa (Syria)


Prof. Ahmed Khalifah is a Neurologist and Neurophysiologist. Head of Neurology & Internal Medicine Departments, Damascus Hospital. President of Syrian Society of Neurosciences. president of Syrian Chapter of Epilepsy. X-President of Pan Arab Union of Neurological Societies   Prof. Ahmed Khalifah is a Neurologist and Neurophysiologist. Head of Neurology & Internal Medicine Departments, Damascus Hospital. President of Syrian Society of Neurosciences. president of Syrian Chapter of Epilepsy. X-President of Pan Arab Union of Neurological Societies   




Prof. Mohammed El-Tamawi (Egypt)


Mohamed S. El-Tamawy is Emeritus Professor of Neurology at Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt. He received his Master’s degree in Neurology and Psychological Medicine from Cairo University in 1980, and his Doctorate in Neurology from the same institution in 1984. He worked as a Consultant Neurologist in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia from 1984 to 1986, and was a Research Fellow at Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA from 1989 to 1990, during which time he worked in the Primary Stroke Center. Professor El-Tamawy was the Chairman of the Department of Neurology at Cairo University from 2009 to 2012, and since 2010 has been the President of the Supreme Council of Neurology at the Egyptian Ministry of Health.   Professor El-Tamawy is the former president of the Pan Arab Union of Neurological Societies, and Honorary President of the Egyptian Society of Neurology, Psychiatry and Neurosurgery. He has authored many articles in national and international journals of neurology, and from 2008 to 2012 was the Editor-in-Chief of the Egyptian Journal of Neurology, Psychiatry and Neurosurgery Professor El-Tamawy is the official delegate of Egypt in The WFN and member of some of its committees.




Prof. Saeed Bohlega (Saudi Arabia)


Dr. Bohlega obtains his basic medical training at King Saud University and graduated in 1980.  Then in 1982, he went to Canada where he did his training in Neurology at University of British Columbia, Vancouver BC.  He trained with Professor Don Paty.  He develops specialist interest in Multiple Sclerosis and he did subspecialty training in Neurophysiology. In 1989, he joined as a Consultant Neurologist in the Department of Neurosciences at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre and worked as a Consultant and then as a Senior Consultant and appointed as Professor of Neurology at Al Faisal University. He is a member of many prestigious neurological societies like the American Neurological Association and the British Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons.  He worked as a Section Head of Neurology then as a Chairman of Department of Neurosciences.  Also, he is a founder and a chairperson of the National Saudi Board of Neurology for ten years.  He is the chairman Saudi Multiple Sclerosis Advisory Group. He received numbers of national and international award for his clinical and academic contributions. Dr. Bohlega published more than 115 papers in a peer reviewed journals.  He wrote a few book chapters.  Also, he presented more than 180 presentations in various




Prof. Chokri Al-Mhiri (Tunis)

Prof. Mohammed Shehab (Jordan)